Wart Removal

Wart removal techniques can be classified in several ways. 

First of all, there are treatments that are performed solely in the office of a dermatologist and therapies that can be done at home. Certain drugs that will help with wart removal can be obtained only with medical prescriptions while others are classified as over the counter products. 

The professional wart removal techniques are either invasive - which means that they imply surgical intervention, or non-invasive. The latter treatments are based on creams and ointments.

Laser surgery is among the most efficient techniques. In addition, this method is also one of the best since it produces little scarring, if any. Repeating the procedure for several times is necessary, however, and it gets expensive quickly. 

Cryogeny seemed until recently to be preferred by the dermatologists because of its efficacy that reached 65 percent. This professional method has been recently surpassed by the technique that implies duct tape. Even though the latter requires a considerably longer period of time, people prefer it since it is non-invasive and it does not provoke any pain.

wart removal with effective wart remover wartrol
Basically, the duct tape technique refers to the occlusion of the wart with duct tape for 6 days. After this period of time, the area that presents lesions must be cleaned with a pumice stone. This entire process must be repeated for six to eight weeks in order to see any results.

The duct tape is one of the wart removal techniques that put emphasis on the immune system. When occluding the warts with duct tape, the skin around the warts gets irritated. The immune system gets activated when this allergic reaction takes place. Over the counter immunotherapy medication is also available.

Dermatologists also make use of several acids in order to remove the warts. Salicylic acid and squaric acid are among the most popular such substances. The concentration of the acids plays a very important role. The concentration should be increased gradually.

There are many factors that must be taken in consideration when picking the treatment. 

The disadvantage of wart removal home remedies is they either don't work very well or it takes very long for them to have an effect. On the upside, they are often very cheap to implement and can be done in the privacy of your home.

The disadvantage of professional wart removal therapy is the cost that comes with it. The more warts you have to more expensive it will be. Also, in case of genital warts, it can be an embarassing experience.

Fortunately, there are still alternatives, mainly natural and homeopathic wart removal solutions. After putting together all our research, we ended up with a clear winner: Wartrol.

It is a safe and effective way to get rid of warts. This clinically proven product has received high praise for years as an effective wart removal product and contains safe FDA approved ingredients.
Many of the same ingredients which dermatologists and doctors use to remove genital warts in their surgeries are included in this formula.

Due to the unique blend of ingredients, and all-natural oils this wart cream contains, it helps to initiate a process called Keratolysis.

This is a process which works at the source of the wart by thinning the tough layers of skin which are produced by the HPV virus. It then continues its work to get rid of them in a safe and pain free way.

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