Friday, February 7, 2014

Wartrol Ingredients - What Is It Made Of?

Many people who have tried Wartrol wonder what it actually is made of.

It is perfectly understandable for a person to be skeptical in believing that a product can really get rid of demeaning warts, especially if a lot of other products have already been tried.

All Wartrol ingredients are homeopathic, this includes Black Sulphide of Antimony, Nitric Acid and Arbor Vitae, a few traces of Wild Yellow Indigo Baptisia Tinctoria and Potassium Hydrates.

Other inactive components include purified water and 20% alcohol. Homeopathic medicine believes in the idea that the body can heal itself using incredibly small amounts of active compounds such as plants or minerals.

Let’s discuss the individual Wartrol ingredients one by one:

wartrol ingredients
Wild Indigo Flower
Black Sulphide of Antimony: This is known to help minimize the effects of heat in the body. Heat may increase the symptoms and pain of warts especially in the anal or genital area. Heat may also cause more wart flare-ups. 

Black Suplhide of Antimony may aid in controlling heat and high body temperature lowering the chances of flare-ups.

Nitric Acid: This is a strong mineral which mainly works to “burn out” cutaneous lesions such as warts.

Arbor Vitae: This is called the “tree of life” in Latin. This is a native European tree which is widely used in homeopathic remedies. It has an antiviral effect and it can stimulate the body’s production of antibodies.

People suffering from warts may find this active substance helpful in boosting their immune system to fight the spread of the infection.

Other materials used are water and 20% alcohol. These two inactive substances are always present in homeopathic remedies to dilute all the other plants and minerals used in the formula.

Wartrol has been proven safe. The compounds mentioned above have been used for several centuries in producing homeopathic medicine and are all FDA-approved.